Top three Sites

Top Three Sites and Criteria

Lexington Public Schools Elementary School Libraries (MA) Lexington Elementary Schools]
I really liked the information on this site, and if I am working at an elementary library, I plan on using it for references. It seemed more for the use of adults because of the words instead of pictures. I did like how the criteria was at the bottom of each page, "Criteria: Sites on these pages have been reviewed by Lexington (MA) School Librarians using the following criteria.
  • grade level appropriateness
  • curriculum enhancement
  • accuracy/authenticity
  • readability
  • ease of student use"
Criticism: It is a nice and colorful site, but it is so wordy. It would be better if all the separate sections could be placed on different pages. It would be nice if there were some pictures for kids.

Belfair Elementary Library, Belfair, WA

Belfair Elementary Library, North Mason School District, Belfair, WA This is a very attractive site--the animation of the crane and sea creatures is perfect. Also great was the fact that they had a separate place for kids to go. They can easily identify this place from the picture. The site comes from School World Teacher Websites © 2010 SchoolWorld.
Criticism: They could have less text on some of the pages. They need to think of the overall look--separate ideas with headers, make a new page where there's disparate info together, make it look less busy. The lesson plans could use a calendar format instead of this confusion.

Armor Elementary Library, Hamburg, NY

Armor Elementary School
"Less is more" is exemplified in her Fun Stuff for Kids. It doesn't list every single math site known to human-kind (what librarians tend to do!). What is excellent is her embedded Shelfari, where she highlights new books. I'm not sure who "The Pollutro Times" is targeted to. Possibly parents or teacher--ideally it should say to whom. Because of her district, she is locked in to this web page format (which must be placed under her name in the staff area), although at least she has a separate tab on the school page!

Bridgeport Elementary Library Media Center, Bridgeport, NY

Bridgeport Elementary Library Media Center Simple website. I liked the Children's Book Recommendation Podcasts page. It says there's been 727 hits.
Criticism: The library links has too many words for K-5. On the home page she put the databases, which could be separated. The mission should be here.

Jericho Middle School Library, Jericho, NY (Long island)

Jericho Middle School Library I like how the public library is on the district page, showing homogeneity. The summer reading program for 2010 of read a book, watch the movie was a good idea. Children submitted book reports by using the linked form. I would do a compare/contrast graphic organizer instead.
Criticism: Their address should be somewhere. The reading lists page is very complicated, especially for kids this age.