Use ALA-AASL websites as supportive information. The top 25 websites for teaching and learning are updated each year. It is important to try out each one and figure out how how they can be brought into the library.

10/19/10 LH: It's important to learn from international school libraries as well. Here is one in Kent where their ICT initiative is excellent. I especially appreciate the 3 principles: equal access, consistent funding, home use.

Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre, Ashford Road, Tenterden, Kent. TN30 6LT
T: 01580 764222 || F: 01580 766267
e-Learning Foundation

About the e-Learning Scheme

Technology offers us a unique opportunity — “To extend learning support beyond the classroom”, something that has proved impossible to do until now.
While our schools are better equipped than ever before, the variation in the quality of learning that takes place at home is significant. As children only spend 15% of their lives at school, the learning that takes place at home is extremely important to their future success.
At Homewood School we have been trying for the past 6 years to provide leading edge ICT resources for students. With charitable donations from parents and funding by the school we have succeeded in introducing nearly 2100 mobile tablet PCs, laptops and netbooks.
However, we want to ensure that every student has their own computer in every lesson and at home every evening.
The school has committed a large amount of funding to make this ambition become a reality. Working in partnership with parents we need to sustain the availability of this level of ICT resources to all students.

Core to our work are three principles:

  • Equity of access, so that all children receive the benefits and not just those whose parents can or will contribute.
  • Sustainability of funding, so that the equipment can be maintained and replaced in future years.
  • Home use, so that children can use the technology to extend the learning support that teachers provide in the classroom out to the home and family.

What's Included:

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11/1/10: Information about cyber bullying. This elementary school's website (Crocker Farm - Amherst) uses MARC - Mass Aggression Reduction Center info. Facebook-avoiding/responding to problems and Should my child be online? and Texting tips for parents and kids.